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Free Training

  • High-quality training to start Grace Groups, our small groups addressing depression, anxiety & other life challenges.

  • NO high training costs!


Free Ongoing Support

  • Continual, personal support, education and resources for anyone facilitating a Grace Group.

  • NO subscription or membership fees!


Content & Innovation

  • Thought-provoking, hope-filled innovation and discussion through blogs, videos and new resource development.


Who Does My Donation Affect?


Each week, over 300 Grace Alliance mental health small groups are meeting in churches, community centers, coffee shops, and living rooms. See what they have to say and the impact of your donation.

Grace Group has become a new staple in my life... to look at truths from the Bible and how it applies to mental health, with people who understand the struggles and difficulties. I am blessed and thankful that God brought this Group... to help me know that I'm not alone.

— Family Grace Group Member


Mental Health Grace Alliance has created excellent tools to train and equip churches to foster communities of individuals to find hope through the journey of mental illness.

— Kay Warren, Co-Founder of Saddleback Church


As I read the [Grace Group Training] manual the first time, I cried - torn between the joy of seeing real hope, and regret for not having had a group like this when we were in the deepest part of our struggle. God has truly been gracious to us...

— Grace Academy Training Participant



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