Kay Warren

Co-Founder of Saddleback Church

Mental Health Grace Alliance has created excellent tools to train and equip churches to foster communities of individuals to find hope through the journey of mental illness.



Living Grace Group participant

I have been very blessed by The Grace Alliance. I am so thankful for the organization and everything it does. Also, it is so needed. This organization has helped me and so many others. Thanks to everyone working so hard to keep this going! Praise God for The Grace Alliance!



Family Grace Group Facilitator

I have a young lady who attended to understand her mother’s illness. She has received such peace through the program and her relationship with her mother is much improved.


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What does the research say?


Living Grace Group

Efficacy results for mental illness peer groups (peer-led support groups across the U.S.).

Thrive Mental Health Coaching

Efficacy results (listed as clergy) working alongside professional care.

Living Hope Group

Efficacy research results for trauma/PTSD peer groups (peer-led support groups; refugees in Libya).




Efficacy research results for mental health training for clergy.


Why and How the Grace Alliance Exists