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Looking for Christ-centered solutions for your heart & mind?


When we feel overwhelmed, it’s common to feel stuck, confused, and alone because no one really understands.

We understand! Our simple and innovative resources, small groups and training have been proven to guide your hearts and minds to better days!

The Grace Alliance is a growing network of Small Groups Changing Lives.

Thousands are involved and finding Hope!


220+ Grace Groups


32 U.S. States and 17 Countries


Check Out the Tools

Grace for You + Grace Groups


Our workbooks help you discover unique understanding from both faith and science and provide simple tools to help improve life!


It Works!

We have published research showing how our resources have reduced stressors like depression and anxiety, improved overall life, and renewed personal faith. Click the icon learn more!


Use them on your own and/or be part of the small group experience.


A personal workbook with 20 whole-health topics proven to help you thrive. Thrive provides an in-depth, self-directed guide to reduce the challenges of depression, anxiety, etc., improve daily life and renew your life in Christ.

Living Grace Workbook

A 16-week topical workbook for a personal or small group experience. Filled with faith and neuroscience insights and tools proven to reduce depression, anxiety, etc., improve overall well-being, and renew faith. *Free small group training!

Family Grace Workbook

A 16-week topical workbook for a personal or small group experience. Empowering families and marriages with faith, neuroscience, and practical tools to walk alongside their loved one’s unique challenges. *Free small group training!


For young adult students! A 10-week topical workbook for a personal, one-on-one, or small group experience. Biblical and neuroscience insights and practical tools to reduce stress and renew life in Christ.*Free small group training!


Free E-Books to Guide Your Journey!

Download your FREE E-book and start getting answers and practical tips to navigate professional care, the whole-health process, God’s grace, and more.

Guided into Family + Living Grace E-book Covers - stacked.jpg

1. Guided into Living Grace

A practical, Christ-centered guide for the personal journey.

2. Guided into Family Grace

Practical, Christ-centered guide for families and couples (marriages).


What others are saying about the Grace Alliance…


Kay warren
co-founder of saddleback church

“Mental Health Grace Alliance has created excellent tools to train and equip churches to foster communities of individuals to find hope through the journey of mental illness.”


Living grace group participant

“I have been very blessed by the Grace Alliance. I am so thankful for the organization and everything it does. Also, it is so needed. This organization has helped me and so many others. Thanks to everyone working so hard to keep this going! Praise God for the Grace Alliance!”


The Grace Alliance Events

Get the most out of your experience with the Grace Alliance by joining webinars, presentations, and other events