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Over 100 support groups in 14 States and 8 Countries.

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We're one of the fastest growing Christian mental health support organizations with:

+ 1000s of families and individuals served

+ Over 100 support groups in 14 States and 8 Countries.

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DOes "Mental Health" Feel Confusing?

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Written by the Grace Alliance Founders, Matthew Stanford Ph.D. and Joe Padilla 

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+ What is God's heart with mental health needs?

+ What does "mental health recovery" mean and how does it work?

+ How do you navigate the mental health care system?

+ What are simple and practical ideas for daily needs?

+ How do you deal with the difficult challenges?

MAKING IT Simple and FREE TO start support.

All the training you need to start a mental health support group!


The Grace Academy is a FREE e-course training for our mental health recovery Grace Groups:

+ FREE Leader's Guides for groups

+ FREE Leader's Manual for video training

+ 6 FREE Training Videos with education and tools to lead our Grace Groups

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The Story That Started The Grace Alliance


This interview with Grace Alliance Cofounder Joe Padilla will give you:

+ A new insight of God's love that turned a devastating mental illness into an opportunity of hope

+ How a minister (Joe Padilla) and a neuroscientist (Dr. Stanford) had a vision to start The Grace Alliance

+ Tips and ideas on mental health recovery

+ And much more ...




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