Mental Health Made Simple. 

Providing mental health strength, recovery and transformation

accessible for anyone, anywhere, anytime.


Mental Recovery

Mental health strength and recovery self-directed materials. Evidenced-based principles to regain life and purpose. 

Support Groups

Christian and curriculum support groups for mental health difficulties and disorders. Family & Peer Groups available. 

Training Leaders

Equipping leaders to understand mental health disorders, supportive recovery, and the role of the church. 

Connect with us and get involved with the conversation.

 F R E E    R E S O U R C E S

Simple ways to understand and navigate the challenge.

These three (14 pg.) booklets will give you the biblical and clinical understanding and simple tips to help.

(Daily Steps in Spanish)

First Steps ... What to do when you or your loved one has been diagnosed with a mental health disorder. 

Daily Steps ... Simple notes to develop a whole-health (holistic) care plan towards mental health recovery. Our Thrive workbook is the full detailed process. 

Difficult Steps ... What to do with difficult or destructive outcomes from mental illness. 

Because You Can Thrive Again

Only $15 to begin your mental health recovery today.

Make Someone's Life Awesome

Every gift makes a difference to transform lives!

W i l d f l o w e r

A compelling story about a creative college student, Chloe, who finds solace from her childhood trauma in her art. As she begins to have increasing flashbacks she discovers how it may be connected to a strange disappearance of a teenage girl. Her search to find answers leads her through her own healing journey and may unlock the mystery of the teenage girl's disappearance. 

  • If you have struggled in the aftermath of a difficult situation or trauma
  • if you have ever wondered if someone (or anyone) will listen to you
  • if you ever wished there was a safe place you go

Wildflower is a message of triumph and healing and a reminder that HOPE can be found even in your darkest moments. Click to learn more. 



NOW Available on DVD! Order your copy at Wildflower.

Watch these short clips from a recent Wildflower screening - discussing how to bring support to the church. 

Panel discussion: Our Grace Groups work in the church. 

Panel discussion: The benefits of our Grace Groups.

Panel discussion: Mental illness and the church.

The hope that started it all.

THE STORY & HOPE ...Grace Alliance Co/Founder & Executive Director, Joe Padilla, shares the story behind this ministry, the hope of mental health recovery.  


MHGA National/Int'l Office 

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Grace Alliance West Coast

 Orange County | Los Angeles

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Why there is hope.

WHY WE EXSIST ... Grace Alliance Co/Founder & Board of Directors, Dr. Matthew Stanford, explains the mental health care problem and what we do to bring hope.


Mental Health Grace Alliance is a 501c3 non-profit organization. The Grace Alliance provides mental health recovery supportive care and programs.

Grace Alliance Vision.

Providing mental health strength, recovery and transformation accessible for anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Grace Alliance Mission.

To transform lives, faith communities, and society by building a mental health peer / lay-leader movement through support programs, education, training, and collaboration.