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MENTAL STRENGTH & RECOVERY   Mental health recovery coaching and self-directed materials. Evidenced-based principles to regain life and purpose. 

COMMUNITY HEALS LIVES     Christian and curriculum support groups for mental health difficulties and disorders. Family & Peer Groups available. 

TRAINING TO SAVE LIVES     Equipping leaders to understand mental health disorders, supportive recovery, and the role of the church. 


Do you need help understanding and dealing with a mental health difficulty and/or disorder. Click here for FREE booklets to start finding hope. 










Co/Founder & Executive Director of Grace Alliance, Joe Padilla, shares the story behind this ministry, the hope of mental health recovery, and more. 


Our Branch Offices / Contact us:

(click to visit Grace Alliance West Coast website)

Grace Alliance West Coast Grace

 Orange County | Los Angeles 

(714) 257-5791


National & Int'l HQ 

(254) 235-0616



Grace Alliance Co/Founder & Board of Directors, Dr. Matthew Stanford, explains why the mental health care is not working and what we are doing to bring hope.


Mental Health Grace Alliance is a 501c3 non-profit organization.

MHGA is a non-profit ministry organization focusing on mental health support and recovery.