Q: What is changing for 2017?

Q: What does this mean for my current consistent (monthly/quarterly/annual) donations?

A: The Texas and West Coast Branches will now be operating together as one team, which will now be referred to as the Grace Alliance team.

A: Any donations that have been made up to December 31, 2016 (including consistently-monthly, quarterly, annual, etc.) donations will continue to be designated wherever the donor has chosen to designate their gifts (i.e., Texas, West Coast, Jen Fuller).

Q: What does this mean for my future donations?

A: All new donations that are set up will be donating towards our new central team and delegated where funds are needed. If you are currently donating specifically towards a specific team or person, your donations will continue to be delegated specifically towards your designated team or individual.  

Q: Will you still be conducting trainings?

A: Yes! We will be scheduling monthly online trainings so that trainings are accessible to anyone, anytime, anywhere!  We are also working on some exciting developments for this in the near future!

*In-person trainings can be scheduled for an additional cost. Contact info@mhgracealliance.org for more information.

Q: Does this mean you're all moving to Texas?


Q: What will happen to the West Coast branch?


Q: Why all the change?

A: No, we will be working remotely from California and Texas as one team with frequent use of video meetings, calls and scheduled trips to either location when necessary.  Isn’t technology great?!

A: The West Coast branch will become part of the Grace Alliance Team. We will streamline all of our information (website, social media accounts, etc.) into one central place as the Grace Alliance so that you never have to worry about missing information. 

A: We are joining teams to build a greater platform for providing more people with mental health resources and support. We have some great opportunities in line that will help expand our reach to thousands of individuals and we're devoting all of our efforts to "build peer and lay-led mental health recovery resources, support programs, and training accessible and affordable to anyone, anytime, and anywhere." 

Still have more questions? Email us at info@mhgracealliance.org.