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4 Things You Need to Know about Redefine Grace

It’s without question that many of us wonder where we fit in to our ever-changing society. We may enter into each day with confusion, doubt and uncertainty and can’t help but search for our place. Regardless of our age, stage of life or financial status, we all grapple with these fundamental questions in one way or another: “Who am I?” “Where is my place?” “How can I possibly make a difference in this world?”

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6 Reasons Why Depression and Anxiety are Not Weak Faith or Sin

“This scripture almost sounds like James is addressing ‘weak faith’ (ask the elders to pray for you) as well as sin as a possible culprit (confess your sins…be healed). So, how does this scripture relate to someone dealing with mental health difficulties or disorders?"

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3 Ways Mental Illness Strengthened My Faith

Our son was first diagnosed with bipolar disorder at age 22, but it wasn’t until he turned 34 that he was able to accept the diagnosis and receive treatment. During the twelve years of his struggle with untreated mental illness, God taught me deep truths about how to keep believing in His light where there is only darkness, and trusting in His goodness when there is only pain. Here are just three of the lessons…

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7 Ways to Encourage Resiliency in Any Age

As a mom-to-be, my world has become all about how to have a baby, raise a baby, keep a baby healthy, keep a baby ALIVE.  Wanted or not, my brain – and inbox – are being flooded with advice and information.  But as someone who works in the mental health field, I’ve found myself beginning to explore beyond sleep schedules and feeding plans.

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Words from a Youth Pastor for Students on their Mental Health Journey

All of humankind is and always has struggled to find the answer to a universally common question: “Who am I?” This is a question of identity and individual uniqueness. It’s the question we subconsciously ask ourselves and arrange our lives around in an attempt to find meaning with our own existence. Throughout our lives, we subtly attempt to answer this question in different ways: “I am a basketball player,” “I go to Harvard,” “I am the class clown,” and so on and so forth.

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Let Your Hunger Lead You to Hope

When was the last time you felt really hungry?

You probably didn’t think about what was happening in your body, but you certainly experienced the symptoms. Your brain, which monitors the hormone levels and nutrients in your bloodstream, recognized it was time for a refill. Your hypothalamus—your body’s control room—put out a general alert and started telling you eat. Your stomach felt empty, you started feeling pangs and might have heard some growling sounds. As your body worked hard to get your attention, you began thinking about food.

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2 Ways to Understand God's Comfort for Depression, Anxiety, and any challenge

What does the "God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our troubles" look like as we journey through mental health challenges? While I don't claim to know the fullness of comfort, here are a couple of ideas of what comfort can mean for us and how to comfort others. 

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4 Ways to Understand the Mind of Christ in Depression or Anxiety


What does it mean to have the MIND of Christ, but struggle with a MENTAL illness? Let's review four keys to discover an encouraging Biblical perspective that relates to depression, anxiety, and other mental health stressors. 

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