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What You Get When You Give Thanks

If you’re anything like me, the Thanksgiving season does not magically produce a more thankful version of myself. In fact, it usually yields the opposite. I don’t know if it’s the shorter days with less sunshine or the never-ending end-of-year task list, but Thanksgiving seems to trigger even more stress, anxiety and bouts of depression. So, for many of us, we may just be trying to make it through.

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5 Ways to Open the Door to Hope

I love this quote by Emerson, “Be an opener of doors.”

Will you and I become an opener of doors for those who are struggling in silence with mental illness?  Throughout our day, will we be intentional in prayers to our Lord, to give us opportunities to make a difference in the lives of others?  We can open doors to Hope with just a smile, an introduction, perhaps extend our hand, our time, and our hearts.

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5 Simple Things to Do for Your Mental Health Today!

Procrastination has infiltrated our culture. Every week you can almost always count on hearing someone say, “I’ll start exercising tomorrow” or “I’ll finish this book later.” It just so happens that we can view our own mental health through this same lens. The goals or obstacles that stand before us can seem like one giant puzzle split into thousands of tiny pieces —unapproachable and ultimately defeating.  And what’s our response? We freeze!

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31 Days, 31 Ways 2 Pray 4 Families

Families who walk alongside their loved ones in the labyrinths of mental illnesses are often hesitant to ask for prayer. They might feel others will judge them or their loved one, offer uninformed advice or initiate the gossip chain. But friends who observe or are aware of their journey don’t necessarily need specific details to pray effectively.

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