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6 Reasons Why Depression and Anxiety are Not Weak Faith or Sin

“This scripture almost sounds like James is addressing ‘weak faith’ (ask the elders to pray for you) as well as sin as a possible culprit (confess your sins…be healed). So, how does this scripture relate to someone dealing with mental health difficulties or disorders?"

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4 Truths to Make the Broken Beautiful

Kintsugi is the Japanese art of restoring broken pottery or china. Rather than discarding the fragmented pieces of pottery, the artist reassembles them using a precious metal- such as liquid gold- to highlight the repairs. There is no attempt to make it look new or hide the “scars” of its brokenness. The technique adds value to the original object as the master artists creates something more beautiful than when it was new. Each Kintsugi becomes a unique work of art!

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