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7 Ways to Encourage Resiliency in Any Age

As a mom-to-be, my world has become all about how to have a baby, raise a baby, keep a baby healthy, keep a baby ALIVE.  Wanted or not, my brain – and inbox – are being flooded with advice and information.  But as someone who works in the mental health field, I’ve found myself beginning to explore beyond sleep schedules and feeding plans.

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Redefined by Grace

While most of my fellow high school friends visited their soon-to-be college, went on summer vacations, and hung out with their friends, I found myself in desperate need of seeking help and surrendering control. I had spent the past six months of my senior year in emotional turmoil after a recent breakup and not measuring up to the standards I set for myself.

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Words from a Youth Pastor for Students on their Mental Health Journey

All of humankind is and always has struggled to find the answer to a universally common question: “Who am I?” This is a question of identity and individual uniqueness. It’s the question we subconsciously ask ourselves and arrange our lives around in an attempt to find meaning with our own existence. Throughout our lives, we subtly attempt to answer this question in different ways: “I am a basketball player,” “I go to Harvard,” “I am the class clown,” and so on and so forth.

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