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The Thrive Workbook is all about increasing our resiliency and health for the difficulties that we encounter.

Thrive goes beyond survival coping to help bring a whole-health (holistic) approach, incorporating God’s enriching grace and easy-to-use tools for mental health resilience and life renewal.

This was designed to help anyone discover a greater story of who you really are, despite any difficulties you are facing, mental health issue you are experiencing or diagnosis you've received.



For those living with any mental health difficulty or disorder.

Whether you are dealing with depression, anxiety and panic, mood instability, negative and racing thoughts or discouragement in your faith, Thrive will help you build resilience and life renewal.


The Thrive Mental Health Recovery Workbook guides you through a whole-health approach, addressing physical, mental, spiritual and relational topics for greater mental health resilience and life renewal.

Here's how each topic works:

+ Purpose, Goals, and Facts

Each topic begins with a simple Scripture that reflects an encouraging truth perspective. Then, you are guided through biblical and clinical insights to understand the Purpose, Goals, and Facts.


+ Self-Evaluation (Self-Discovery)

Each topic continues through easy self-evaluation questions to help you discover your specific challenges and build a new perspective.


+ Practical Tools

 Lastly, there are various tools that address a whole-health transformation, giving you practical ways to build resiliency in every area of life.


Thrive works to supplement and reinforce professional care by utilizing evidence based therapy principles. Many mental health professionals have referred and even partnered with the Thrive program. 


This case study was published in a psychological journal and reveals how Thrive works alongside therapy and even after therapy ends. *This case study reveals an individual who went from psychiatric hospitalization with psychotic features and regained mental health recovery in less than a year. 


NOTE: Thrive does not replace professional therapy and is not utilized as a professional or clinical resource.

Work with a Thrive Coach

+ Work with a Thrive coach individually (Texas only + upon availability).

$35 each session (weekly + in person or online / phone).


+ Thrive Course - Affordable live webinars coming soon.


+ Thrive Coaches are fully trained and skilled to empower your journey.




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