Thrive: Mental health made Simple.

"I'm finding the Thrive workbook useful. After years of searching for faith-based resources, I found your website and bought your book. Your book is empowering, helpful, and freeing." 

- Thrive Customer

What is THE Thrive WORKBOOK?

A workbook designed from the perspective of ministry and neuroscience to provide an in-depth, whole-health guide to empower you to manage mental health stressors, improve your daily well-being and renew your faith! Thrive workbook expands on the concepts and tools found in Living Grace. 


+ Thrive is a practical, evidence-based and whole-health (holistic) approach. 

+ Thrive works to improve your daily mental and emotional well-being. 

+ Thrive will help renew your identity, relationships, faith, and purpose!

+ Thrive empowers resilience - mental health recovery and wellness.

+ Thrive does not replace professional therapy, but will compliment services.





Begin with a simple Scripture that reflects an encouraging truth perspective. Then, dive into biblical and clinical insights to understand the Purpose, Goals, and Facts of each topic.


Continue through easy self-evaluation questions to help you discover your specific challenges and build a new perspective in your mental health journey.


 Lastly, practice and apply various tools that address a whole-health transformation, giving you practical ways to build resiliency in every area of life.


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THRIVE is not professional therapy or intended to replace these services.

The THRIVE curriculum is a mental health recovery and wellness support program designed to compliment and work alongside professional services. 


"The things I have learned in Thrive, I will use for the rest of my life. It has and will forever impact me and the people around me." 

- Thrive Participant