Community support providing comfort through sharing, learning, and navigating the journey of mental health recovery. 


Community is the key to recovery. 

Living Hope Group is a 16 week curriculum-based support group for those who have experienced trauma or PTSD. LHG provides psycho-education and practical tools within a supportive community. Led by peers or lay leaders. 

**Research findings from Living Hope Groups have proven a reduction of symptoms and PTSD recovery. Study published in The South African Journal of Psychology.  



Stress & Trauma, Safety & Control, Identity, Rest & Relaxation, Coping Skills & Strategies, Healthy Thinking, Depression, Guilt & Shame, Staying Resilient, and more!

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Living Hope for International Teams


Living Hope for International teams is a peer-level program for trauma intervention and recovery support. This will equip international groups, teams, ministries, working with traumatized populations (IDP refugees, war, natural disasters, assault victims, oppressive and traumatizing environments, etc.) with a trauma based program they can facilitate themselves and train indigenous leaders to establish trauma recovery groups. 


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Living Hope Groups


CHICAGO Contact: Brian Oswald |

ROCK ISLAND (GROW Ministries) Contact: Vanessa Navarro |



HOUSTON Contact: Hope and Healing Center | call: (713) 871-1004

LEWISVILLE (North Dallas) Contact: First Baptist Church Lewisville | call: (972) 436-5502

SAN ANTONIO (Community Bible Church) Contact: Denise Espino

SAN ANTONIO (Downtown - Catholic Charities Counseling Services) Contact: Nathan Swoboda |

WACO Contact: Joe Padilla |


SEATTLE Contact: Mickey Richards | 


Middle East





Matt STANFORD Ph.D. Executive Director of Hope & Healing Center (Houston, Texas), Co-founder of the Grace Alliance

Matt STANFORD Ph.D. Executive Director of Hope & Healing Center (Houston, Texas), Co-founder of the Grace Alliance


Living Hope in Libya

The Living Hope Group curriculum was pioneered by Grace Alliance Co-founders, Dr. Matthew Stanford and Joe Padilla in Benghazi, Libya.  

In the wake of a horrific revolutionary war, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) afflicted the majority of the survivors.  Using the model and frame work of our Grace Groups, Dr. Stanford and Joe Padilla created peer level support groups for PTSD to be implemented within the refugee camps, medical center, and communities. The groups were called "Shifa" groups--Shifa in Arabic means "healing."  

The groups are peer-led using psycho-education with basic therapeutic tools.


Joe PADILLA, Grace Alliance CEO & Co-Founder

Joe PADILLA, Grace Alliance CEO & Co-Founder

"ReStorying lives to a whole new Living Hope."



Living Hope Groups Were Successful!

The members received no other treatment or care for their mental health outside of the Shifa Group, and yet all members saw a significant reduction in symptoms. At the beginning of the 10 week groups, 58% of the group participants within the refugee camps met criteria for clinical PTSD, however at the end of the 10 weeks that number dropped down to 0%. 

This peer structure provided unique results on peer level in post-war trauma. The results of this project was published in the South African Journal of psychology (see our media / research for the published work)

Both Dr. Stanford and Joe Padilla made multiple trips for ongoing training and support, but due to the ongoing unrest in Benghazi, the visits were suspended.