What is mental health recovery & Wellness?


Recovery is a strength-based and a whole-health (holistic) process that focuses on empowering:

+ Self-confident identity and purpose

+ Self-management resilience tools

+ Renewed focus for a whole health lifestyle

+ Community support and healthy relationships


by Joe Padilla


Mental Health Recovery & Wellness Model by Joe Padilla


DISTRESS >> Depression, anxiety, or other challenges immobilize you and your relationships.

STABILITY >> HOPE fuels new confidence and tools to stabilize from distress/symptoms; parent/spouse help to manage with support.

FUNCTION >> RESILIENCE of identity and skills to manage life and symptoms, parent/spouse is empowering partnership. 

PURPOSE >> RENEWAL of life and purpose, resilient strength no longer symptom driven; parent/spouse/community with renewed relationships and purpose.  


+ Reduction of symptoms with resilience tools and management

+ Reduction of frequency and intensity of episodes / cycles. 

+ Increased opportunities to renew personal purpose and healthy relationships.


Mental Health Recovery and Wellness is not achieving steps or stages for an objective cure or healing.

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The Mental Health Recovery and Wellness Model and is subjective to the individual's unique situation and personal journey. This is not about accomplishing a series of steps or stages toward an objective goal such as to eliminate all symptoms and/or the need for any medical intervention.

The aim is to discover the unique and integrated whole-health approach (Spiritual - Faith, Mental - Mind, Physical - Body, and Relationships) that will improve the overall quality of life. The results will be subjective and unique to each person's journey. 

Mental Health Recovery and Wellness always has objective benefits.

As a person moves through the Mental Health Recovery and Wellness Model (above) many individuals have naturally benefited with the incredible results listed above and have had doctors decrease medication dosage, eliminate large cocktails of medication to only what is needed, and even rare cases of no longer being prescribed medication. With this type of overall progress, it begins to improve the therapy sessions and some move into more of a "check-in" or "catch-up" appointment. The point is that these individuals going through the Mental Health Recovery and Wellness process, those dynamic outcomes became part of the benefits they experienced, it was not the goal itself.  

Mental Health Recovery and Wellness is a process, not a designated timeline or deadline.

This is a process where the individual sets the grace and pace that works for them. It's not overnight, it's over time and that's going to be unique from person to person. The key is a grace momentum that progresses on a healthy Mental Health Recovery and Wellness model/process, not having designated timeline or deadline (though some will benefit progressing faster than they had personally thought). The grace momentum improves the overall quality of life with unique benefits to each person's journey. 

Start your journey!

Our Family Grace GroupLiving Grace Group, and Thrive Workbooks are designed with the Mental Health Recovery and Wellness approach! They were created to begin that process for anyone in the journey and even with the family member perspective (parents or spouse).  



  1. Explore the Grace Alliance free e-book (see below) and blogs to help you begin your journey towards mental health recovery:

  2. Get practical hope and tools by purchasing your very own Thrive Mental Health Recovery Workbook.

  3. Find support and community by looking for a Living Grace Group in your area.


All of these resources provide great tools and support for the mental health recovery process.