"I've been stuck for years ... I don't know what to do!"

You are not alone. Many find themselves lost in the confusion and frustration that is often linked to a mental health diagnosis.  At the Grace Alliance, we de-mystify the complexities of mental health care, provide practical tools, and help people discover hope and recovery.  

We provide consults for only $25 for individuals and/or families facing mental health difficulties and disorders.

GET A THRIVE CONSULT: Talk to one of our Thrive coaches to help you assess your current situation, receive encouraging feedback to understand and direction to better navigate your mental health recovery. We work with individuals, families / marriages affected by mental health difficulties and disorders. $25 consult fee. NOTE: this is not a professional mental health service (we will advise on effective mental health care treatment). 

For more information or to set-up a Thrive consult contact us at: info@mhgracealliance.org or (254) 235-0616


1. WE LISTEN: we will really listen to your story and ask questions to fully understand.

2. RELIEF: we will help you understand why it's been confusing

3. HOPE & DIRECTION: we will help you understand mental health recovery and hope for a purposeful life.

We can meet with both spouses / families together, or work individually with spouses or family members.

We will help you discover hope and practical direction (via phone / online / in-person). 

Contact us for more information.