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MAY 5: Building Healthy & Restorative Relationships with Youth

GRANT HALLIBURTON FOUNDATION - DALLAS    On May 5, Joe Padilla (CEO / Co-Founder The Grace Alliance) will share practical strategies for building healthy, restorative relationships with youth. 

We are all shaped by the experiences of our childhood—both good and bad. Joe Padilla’s childhood was robbed of security, safety and self-worth by a string of abusive stepfathers. By his teenage years, he had become a depressed, suicidal, drug-using dropout living on the streets. But along the way, he was rescued by someone who cared enough to build a restorative relationship with this troubled teen, and that experience helped to shape the man he is today.

As co-founder and CEO of The Grace Alliance, Joe is committed to helping others regain mental wellness through mental health coaching, training programs, support groups, and initiatives that engage the individual, the church and the community.

Whether you are a parent, grandparent, teacher, coach, minister, mentor or counselor, you will be inspired by his story and message of empowerment. 

Call or Email to register / RSVP: Alyson Ray at 214-405-1923 or