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Jan. 25: Rethink Mental Illness (Houston, TX)

The opening session is be led by speakers Dr. Matthew S. Stanford, Baylor professor of neuroscience and psychology, and Joe Padillo, CEO of Mental Health Grace Alliance. This conference, led by a panel of counselors and licensed practitioners, creates a conversation with the community about how to identify and seek help for mental illness, which affects one in four residents of Harris County. The conference gives the community an opportunity to learn:

• Not being afraid to talk about mental illness

• What mental illness is, what it’s not and signs to look for

• How to live a life with meaning and purpose with a diagnosis of mental illness

• Supporting others with mental illness and maintaining relationships

Breakout sessions are facilitated by leading counselors and licensed practitioners including Guy Gourley of The Legacy Center for Christian Counseling, Mary Engle of the Houston Center for Christian Counseling, private practitioner Enie Bourland and Dr. Bradley Smith of Shield Bearer Counseling Center. Breakout options include targeted discussions on depression/grief, addictions, OCD, ADHD and anxiety in children, suicide prevention and support for family members living with mental illness, among others.

A collective panel discussion provides an opportunity for an in-depth question-and-answer session delivered in a town hall format.

$35 conference registration includes lunch and child care for children age 12 and younger if children are preregistered one week in advance of the event.