Grace Live: Mental Illness is Not Your Fault

Grace Live is a free, live webinar hosted by the Grace Alliance, covering topics about mental health, faith, tips and tools and more! 

MARCH 28, 6-6:30 PM CST // 7-7:30 PM EST

Topic: Mental Illness is Not Your Fault

+ Discuss misconceptions associated with faith and mental illness, the impact those views have, and why these views persist.

+ Discover a more helpful view of suffering and where God is in light of mental illness.

+ Receive tips to help you relieve guilt, shame, and other pains to see hope and joy despite the illness or severity of the situation.

+ Ask questions and receive live answers!

*This topic will dive deeper into many of the topics found in the Family and Living Grace Group workbooks.

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Joe Padilla - CoFounder / CEO of The Grace Alliance

Margie Atwood - Family member with a loved-one with a mental illness, widow survivor of cancer, 40+ years of biblical teaching and pastoral counseling, and advisory counsel for churches and mission organizations. Margie was one of the original members who helped pilot the original Family Grace Group