Our Co-Founder Takes New Job for More Impact

Dear Grace Alliance friends, 

I wanted to inform everyone that I have been offered the position of CEO/Executive Director of the Hope and Healing Institute and Center (HHIC) in Houston, TX and after much prayer and discussion I have decided to pursue this new venture. I will assume the role of HHIC CEO/Executive Director starting in January 2015. 

The Institute conducts research around mental health and issues of faith, while the Center uses the Institute's research to educated and equip the mental health and christian community. One of the most exciting aspects of the job is that it will give me a much larger platform from which to make an impact on the mental health system and church.

As a co-founder of the Grace Alliance, though my role will change, I believe the impact of the Grace Alliance will continue with exponential growth. My good friend and co-founder of the Grace Alliance, Joe Padilla, and I have thoroughly discussed how this will be an advantage to create more impact for the overall work we feel God has led us into. Overall, I am repositioning my role for more advisory and collaboration. Thus, here what my ongoing role with the Grace Alliance will look like:

1) Board of Directors. I will continue my strong support and involvement providing counsel for Grace Alliance's programs and overall direction.

2) Collaborative Partnerships. I fully intend to continue to collaborate with GA both in the development of resources and in research. In addition, we will partner for collaborative endeavors. 

3) Promote and Build. My new position will provide me new avenues to include and unite GA with other groups as one of the valuable resources for churches and communities working with mental illness. 

It has been my honor to serve and be a part of building the Grace Alliance these last few years. I do not see that service coming to an end, only changing. Again, I believe, this change will lead to even greater opportunities for all of us to influence the church to better serve those living with mental illness.

Matt Stanford