The Blues vs Clinical Depression

How do you know if you are dealing with "The Blues" or Clinical Depression - The Blues 1. Feelings characterized by an absence of normal intensity. Typical sensations are being “dulled” or having “the blahs”. Lack of intensity is noticed and intensity in life is missed.

2. You are not so far removed from the experience of laughing, making love or feeling good. You can easily remember the last time you felt better.

3. You not only can recall the sunlight, you can generally “see” it, but is out of reach. You feel impatient to shake the blues and return to feeling good again.

4. The low moods does not last as long and is generally interrupted by brighter moment, hours, or even longer periods.

5. The gray, temporary haze of your mood may make concentration more difficult but it is not all consuming.

6. The depressed feelings seem like time spent away from life at at its best or normal living. You sense that you are “off” – not your usual self.

7. The capacity to feel pleasure is not absent, just temporarily inactivated.

8. Self esteem is lowered or deflated and self-confidence is reduced.

Clinical Depression 1. Feelings are extremely intense in terms of emotional pain, depth of despair, sense of hopelessness, and damageto essential life energy. In severe cases the intensity can turn into a deadening flatness and inability to feel anything other than mental pain.

2. Your recollection of any experience of pleasure is distant. It is difficult to remember pleasure or the last time you felt different, happy, or anything other than emotional pain.

3. You sink so low into the abysss of depression that the sunlight at the top can barely be recalled, let alone glimpsed. It is hard to even imagine experiencing pleasure again or ever enjoying true happiness.

4. Symptoms are long-lasting and are generally uninterrupted, persistent and intractable.

5. The dark mood is pervasive, dominating all conscious thought. The bleak and brooding feelings are all-consuming.

6. Depression becomes your way of life or life itself. You idnetify with your condition. You are depressed – it is not only how you feel, it is who you are.

7. There is a loss of interest or pleasure in all, or almost all, usual activities.

8. Self-esteem is crippled or completely destroyed. Predominate feelings and thoughts or unworthiness, tormenting guilt, self-reproach, self-blame, and self-abasement exist.

The Blues vs Clinical Depression by Vicki Smyer LPC